Pinoy Cam Tube Premium Membership

There are 2 ways to become a Premium member:

1. Pay Php 500.00 to Pinoy Cam Tube via Globe G-Cash or Smart Money.
2. Pay $ 10.00 to Pinoy Cam Tube via PayPal.

First 20 members to complete the payment transaction will get lifetime Premium membership.
Members 21-40 will get 3 years Premium membership.
Members 41-60 will get 2 years Premium membership.
All signups after the first 60 will get 1 year Premium membership.

For subscription via G-Cash, please send you payments to: 09057163386

Then e-mail me your Globe mobile # and your confirmation code to and I will send you an invitation to join the PREMIUM BLOG.


  1. panu if walng Smart money or G-cash.. wala din ako paypal. may ibang way ba na maging premium member?

  2. papost ang information pano magsend sa smart money